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Kelly McGonigal, PhD
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We’ve all been told that stress is bad for us - that it causes everything from heart disease to the common cold. But, according to Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., stress isn’t necessarily harmful. It’s the belief that stress is harmful that is the problem. And simply changing our minds about stress can help us transform it from something to be avoided to something to embrace in our lives. In this course, you will explore the science of stress. You’ll examine the different responses your body produces in times of stress. And with this knowledge, you’ll be able to better harness those responses to help you do more than just cope with stress, but actually thrive in stressful times.

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Unit 3: The Social Side of Stress

Stress makes you social. And being social helps you respond to stress. In these lessons, Dr. McGonigal shares some amazing findings about the power of social connections.

Lesson 1 Tend and Befriend
Lesson 2 Discovering Our Common Humanity
Lesson 3 Benefit Finding
Lesson 4 Final Thoughts
Unit 2: Choosing Your Stress Response

In these lessons, Dr. McGonigal explores the stress paradox - the idea that a stressful life is a meaningful life, and she’ll talk about the limitations of the traditional concept of Flight vs Flight.

Lesson 5 The Stress Paradox
Lesson 6 The Realities of Stress
Lesson 7 Transforming Threats to Challenges
Unit 1: The Stress Mindset

In these lessons, Dr. McGonigal explains how stress got its bad reputation and introduces the power of mindset in effecting how your body responds to all sorts of things.

Lesson 8 Course Introduction
Lesson 9 Lesson 0
Lesson 10 Stress' Bad Reputation
Lesson 11 Mindset Interventions

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Kelly McGonigal, PhD

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Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Dr. Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist and lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and Stanford Continuing Studies. She is a leading expert on the mind-body relationship. Her own research demonstrates how embracing stress and cultivating compassion can increase resilience and well-being.

Dr. McGonigal is the author of several books, including the international bestseller The Willpower Instinct and her latest book the The Upside of Stress. She is passionate about sharing psychological science with both readers and students, and has received the Walter J. Gores award, Stanford’s highest teaching honor.

She has consulted for a wide range of organizations and industries, ranging from healthcare and higher education to technology and finance, helping to bring evidence-based strategies for well-being into the workplace.

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